Honda Absolute Revo DX 2010

Gambar Sepeda Motor Honda Absolute Revo DX 2010
Black Revo DX 110 CC Class in auditions local Motorcycles in Indonesia. This variant was released with a price of USD 13.8 million (on the road of Jakarta). The other two variants Absolute Revo sold at USD 11.8 million (spoke wheel) and Rp 13.2 million (cast wheel). Absolute New Honda Revo 110 carries 110 cc engine capacity that has been equipped with the latest technology EFT (Efficient & Low-Friction Technology) so that the fuel-efficient, yet environmentally friendly emission standards determined by the government.
Absolute Honda Revo 110 series is still the biggest contributor to sales of AHM in this best-selling motor segment after the sold 96,229 units last month. With this figure, this means that its sales grew by about 29% compared with the month of March 2009 that only 74,659 units.
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