Honda Mega pro The hunter

To view the performance of a motorcycle, we need to gather the energy to tersalur rear wheels. In addition to pure energy in the engine, there is also a current effort by the various components tereduksi to finally be moving at the back tire.

Kurva following measurements show that the CBR is still more superior than the V-Ixion and Mega Pro at peak speed. However, V-Ixion dominate diputaran low and medium. The teoretik, SOHC indeed have greater torsi lap time low and moderate, especially when provided four rod-like valve DOHC cylinder 1. Mega Pro less speed on the peak, although in the middle of the speed can still be of exact memepet V-Ixion.CBR seen in the vigorous windmill down, moderate, high, and without pause. However, to the measurement of the number 110 km / hour (kpj), seen that the only winner in the practical speed of over 100 kpj when energy kurva V-Ixion start does not flare up again.
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